Pidgeon-Thomas LCT Assembly line 

These pictures depict the Pidgeon-Thomas LCT assembly line

in Memphis, TN circa 1944.

The begining of the Pidgeon-Thomas Iron Works LCT assembly line In Memphis,Tenn.

At one point these LCTs were being built at a rate of one every 1 and 3/4 days

This is the end of the assembly line.The LCTs are almost ready for launching.

This photo shows an LCT Mk6 at the end of the assembly line, ready for her

not-so-ceremonious launching.

An LCT Mk6 being launched in the typical fashion - sideways.

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The Deck plan for the LCT Mk 6

Hull Dimensions Length 119 ft.1in.  in.                                                          
Hul l Dimensions Beam                 32 ft.8 in.
Displacement   284 tons  (short tons)*
Draught forward 40 in.
Loads carried (max tons) 150 tons (short tons)*
Crew 12
Engine make Gray Marine
Horse power 225
Number & Type 3 Diesel
Props 3
Max speed 7 knots
Range in miles 700 at 7 knots
Armour in the wheelhouse 20 lb.
Armour in the gunshields 10 lb  ?
Armament 2 20 mm antiaircraft gun
Armament 4  50  cal. machine guns

* Short ton = 2000 lbs U.S. Long ton = 2240 lbs Great Britain


Tom Carter

Steve Carter